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 Q&A by Land Assist-USA

Your Land Expert

Common Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What Information do you need?

For your No Obligation Quote, all that we need is your name, Where your property in located, if you have an liens on the property (taxes, HOA, or financing agreements)- a simple yes or no for now, and your phone number.

Will this cost me anything?

NO, not with Land Assist! Jae will personally make sure that when selling, there are no listings fees, advertising costs, or other costly hoops to jump through. We make selling land as easy as possible!

Here's a list of the typical costs you’d expect to pay when selling land on your own. You can forget about paying any of these!

- Listing Fees
- Advertising Costs
- Photography costs to create a property listing
- Broker Commissions
- Title and Abstracting Fees
- Escrow Fees
- Deed and document prep fees
- Recording Fees
- Transfer Taxes

What about multiple people on the title or leins?

At our own expense, we run an individual title examination on each property we purchase and will determine through our research if any title issues exist. With our experience, we can often find solutions to even complicated title issues! Each situation is different and we understand that! We aim to help you through the process, and help provide the necessary resources to fix title issues when necessary. Depending on the state and county where the land is located and the circumstances involved, we may be able to quiet the title, file probate, or explore other creative options to clear the title.

I have back taxes owed!

Part of the process for your Quote will be negotiating any back taxes or extra circumstances to reach an agreement that we are both comfortable with! Sometimes, when the back taxes are minimal and not severely over due, we cover it with no issues!
What's most important to us, is a property owner never having to pay out of pocket!

Do I need a real estate lawyer as well?

We have a group of partnered lawyers already hired here to help us through any hoops or challenges that we may face. They have been in business for years with proven skills and confidence. They will be able to handle everything that we need in order to close.

How will you find potential buyers/renters for my property?

We have a vast network of partners, investors, land conservationists, and interested parties already waiting to find their perfect piece of land!

What if I do not have my deed?

Not an issue! We have staff waiting to have a deed prepared. In nearly all circumstances, we can get all of the information and papers needed from the county office with little effort on your part.
We try to make everything as simple as we can for you!

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